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8 week Breathwork Integration Course with Elisabeth Finocchiaro- FULLBOOKET

This is not your average mindfulness course. This is an unique experience to learn about your breath and how you can relate it directly into your life.

In growth there is always 3 phases. First an activation phase, then a process phase and completion with the integration phase. We will be going through all the phases with big emphasis on the art of integration.

These weeks together we will be going through all things breathwork, all your questions will be answered. We will have a weekly rebirth session in our co-creational group dynamic.

During the course there will be a facebook messenger chat with direct access to me and the others throughout the whole 8 weeks with any questions, sharing or process work. I am your private guide for 8 weeks!

Why did I create this course?

I had a rebirth session one day at one of the seminars I co-host with my teacher Dan Brule in Bergen. I was fully aware the whole session. I reached into a deep place within me and I felt so elevated, inspired and alive. I realized I was on a ‘higher vibration’, and I asked myself.. My mind feels the same, why can’t I live more like this everyday? Why do I come out of the session and return to where I came from, or at least, not focus on maintaining the levels of which I accessed. I returned and told Dan about my experience and he kissed my cheek and told me I have understood something big. Integration into higher living isn’t just an idea or a ‘destination’, it’s a place we can learn to live from. This is integration for me, and this is what I teach all my clients.

Benefits of breathwork are also endless :

Clear in the mind, high inspiration, healthy for all systems in the body, strengthening emotional intelligence and heightening creativity. Your breath is the first thing that responds to everything, we work on making beautiful, open and relaxed responses to life by training the reactions.

Wednesday’s at Living Yoga Bønes starting August 14th.
Evening time is flexible depending on the group!

6 places total - only 4 left
Message for registration!

** There will also be another in September in the center of Bergen on Thursdays, message to get a spot to that too! 5 spots left **

♥ with love,
Elisabeth Finocchiaro

Later Event: August 19
Living mindfull