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Deep breathwork with Elisabeth Finocchiaro

Pust er livet selv som flyter gjennom oss,
potensialet pusten har til å bygge og frigjøre livskraft er nesten uendelig.
Vi ønsker mer fokus på dette spennende tema, og har invitert puste-terapeut Elisabeth Finocchiaro til å holde en to timers workshop for oss.
Er vi heldig vil hun også holde et lengre kurs til høsten.
Kom og prøv!

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Pris: 450,-

Elisabeth underviser på engelsk.

"This intro class will be all about breath. We breathe all the time but still some have yet to explore the true potential. We will go through some basics but also dive deep into a session that will give you an experience of what breathwork can really do.

Clear your mind, release tensions, gain insight and deep relaxation.

Elisabeth is a trained breath therapist living in Bergen. Her focus is a lot on being gentle and trusting in the deep process. The sessions can bring up past experiences, fear, and at the same time, a lot of inspirational insight.

It's a journey that instantly integrates into your everyday life. Looking forward to breathe with you all!

Earlier Event: May 25
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